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That Night…
July 3, 2012 : : 1 comment

“The night was dark and stormy” or so the story goes. Well it was not “Stormy” as much as ferociously windy. The wind was so strong it sounded like being on…

A Lucky Life(s)
June 20, 2012 : : 8 comments

I have been an Ostomate for almost 53 years, and have been an Ostomate since I was 9. I therefore thought it is probably time to share some of my experience…

May 4, 2012 : : 6 comments

I was born with only one kidney that was a crossed renal ectopia with a solitary ureter from the left renal mass opening on the right side of the bladder also…

A bright orange garbage bag and sirens!
September 28, 2011 : : 9 comments

When the doctors told me 12 months ago that my only option was surgery and a bag I knew it was coming and I had no option but it…

I’m here and hey, I am alive!
September 16, 2011 : : 4 comments

Life is normal. You wake up, you feed the kids, go to work and come home.

But then one day you are told that you have cancer and from that point…

Tamara’s perspective on life with an Ostomy
May 20, 2011 : : 6 comments

Yolanda: What was the reason for the Ostomy? Was it lifestyle related issues or genetic factors that resulted in having one?
Tamara: Prior to being diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, I never even…


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