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About Ostomates

How to make the most of is for people with stomas to find, connect, and interact with other like-minded individuals. Whether you’ve recently been told you require some type of Ostomy surgery, or if you’ve been living with a stoma for a while now, you’ll find advice, opinions and support here to make life easier.

First time here?

Then a big, warm welcome. Being part of is easy and rewarding. There are many benefits including:

  • Access to a Knowledge Centre with helpful advice and the latest articles about ostomy care and new technologies.
  • Access to others, through the Forum, who understand your needs, dreams and challenges.
  • The ability to ask questions or browse other questions asked by people just like you.

Keeping up-to-date.

You can keep up-to-date with Ostomy-related news and developments by registering free using the form on the right. Once you hit the Register Free button, you’ll be sent an email that allows us to double check it’s you (we’d hate to send you emails you don’t want!), you then simply click the link and you’re done. From there on in, you’ll be the first to know about the latest ostomy-related news and developments.

How to join the Forum.

Being a Member of the Ostomates Forum is free and highly rewarding. And you can rest assured your e-mail address and personal information will not be shared with third parties.

Step 1: Choose a name you want to be known as, this could be your first name or anything you like to be called. This means your real name stays private (which is really helpful when you want to ask some of those more personal questions).

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Step 6: Load your Avatar (profile picture). This is the image that will be used on your profile and throughout the site. To load a photo or image from your computer simply click on the ‘Browse’ button to search your computer. Once you have found this, select it, and click on the ‘Upload Image’ button. Your photo will come up on the screen. You can crop (trim) the image to fit by clicking and dragging the frame or the corners of the frame around your photo so it fits into the image space allowed. When you are happy with your image, click ‘Crop Image’ to complete your image upload. You can use whatever image you like but we do ask members to avoid loading any images that could be considered offensive.

The Wire

On your profile is an option called The Wire. The Wire is where you can post short messages that are visible to all other registered site users. You can share information and links on your own wire, or post messages on others.

Sending Messages

This function allows you to send private messages to friends within the Ostomates community. Just click on the Messages button on your profile to use messaging functions.


You can use the Friends button in your profile to view your current network of friends in the Ostomates online community.


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You can join or start your own group on the Ostomates site. To join a group, select the Groups button at the top of your page. This will take you to the Groups directory (or use the Search bar to look for a specific group).

Some groups are open for any member to join, others will ask you to Request Membership. This second option means that a message will be sent to the group owner, who will then have to confirm your membership.

To start your own group you need to go to your profile. Under the Groups option you can create your own group and invite others to join.


Here is where you can update your login and password details, set your notification alerts or leave the Ostomates community.

Site Guidelines.

Our hope is to build a community that allows you to engage in meaningful dialogue with other members. Please be mindful of the following suggestions as you engage with other users on this site:

Commenting on article posts:

  • ‘Vote’ for posts you enjoy and want to see more of;
  • Comment on posts you find interesting with your feedback. Please keep conversation relevant to the topic at hand or start your own discussion thread in the Forum;
  • Encourage others by offering insight, personal experience and encouragement – Feel free to ask questions. This site includes staff from Coloplast and independent healthcare professionals who can answer your questions;
  • Please be respectful to all members regardless of age, race, religion or opinion.

As we encourage all community members to express their opinions freely in informed debate and discussion, we also encourage courteous, respectful comments. However, we do reserve the right to delete the following comments and forum posts:

  • Obscene, profane, disrespectful or hateful in nature.
  • Harassment or threat to any person or organization.
  • Successive off-topic or repetitive posts by a single member.
  • Repetitive solicitations or advertisements.
  • Comments that encourage illegal activity.

For questions, comments or concerns regarding the above guidelines, please comment here, call us on 1800 653 317 or email us at

Contributing to the Blog.

The Blog is a place for ostomates to share their stories. Stories that inspire, encourage, motivate or educate others in a similar position. If you’d like to contribute your story then please email it to – Please place the words ‘ Blog Post’ in the subject line. If we run it, then we’ll certainly let you know.

Leaving the Community.

Should you want to cease being a member of the community, just go to your Profile page and click on Settings. Under Settings there is a button to Delete Account. Selecting this will delete your account and all posts, comments and messages you have made on this website.

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